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Links and information on the superheroes and supervillians in comic book history, with emphasis on the heroes, villains, and other characters of the Marvel and DC universes, as well as the still-developing Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Captain America--The First Avenger and hero of World War Two.


Green Lantern--Hal Jordan, member of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League.

Iron Man--Billionaire Tony Stark wears the golden armor as Iron Man


She Hulk Images and Pictures

Spider-Man--The shy science student also known as Peter Parker. An occassional member of the Avengers.

Superhero Teams

Avengers Images and Pictures

The X-Men--Cyclops, Wolverine, Professor X, Jean Grey, The Beast, and many more merry mutants have populate this popular super-team.



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The Mandarin

Rogues Gallery: Villains and Enemies of the Comic World


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