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The Avengers The Avengers, as imagined by artist George Perez

Comic Books

Detective Comics #27--The first appearance of Batman and Commissioner Gordon.

New 52 Detective Comics #1 Review

Uncanny X-Men Comics Series


Superheroes and Supervillains

Avengers Images and Pictures

Batman Rogues Gallery of Villains

Catwoman Sex Controversy

Captain America--The First Avenger and hero of World War Two.


Iron Man

Green Lantern--Hal Jordan, member of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League.

The Mandarin

Rogues Gallery: Villains and Enemies of the Comic World


She Hulk Images and Pictures

Spider-Man--Peter Parker, also known as your Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler

The X-Men


Comic Book Movies and TV Shows


Comic Book Creators

Stan Lee--Famous creator of Spider-Man, The Hulk, The Avengers, Iron Man, and many other Marvel superheroes. Lee appears in most Marvel movies in cameo.

Michael Turner--The late creator of Witchblade and Fathom



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