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Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth


Deadpool- (Wade Winston Wilson) --1st appearance: New Mutants #98 (February, 1991)

 Deadpool is one of the more unusual characters in the Marvel Universe. He is insane, a killer, a mercenary, a hero, an anti-hero, and downright funny! He is Wade Wilson, a human who was mutated and given incredible regenerative powers which, while allowing him to survive virtually any wound, also drove him stark-raving mad!




Deadpool's true background is somewhat confused, as his backstory contains contradictory information, but it is clear that as a young man he grew up in a violent and unstable home, and he enrolled in the U.S. military's Special Forces, where he became a trained and experienced killer. After leaving the army, Wade Wilson travelled the world as a highly-effective mercenary and assassin. 

After contracting cancer (apparently a strain that is part of his genetic destiny), Wilson volunteered as a subject for the second Weapon X program (the first Weapon X program produced Wolverine and Sabretooth), where Wilson's physical body and his mind were altered at the genetic level. This genetic manipulation was intended to provide Wilson superhuman regenerative healing factor (based on the DNA of Wolverine), stop the growth of his cancer and enhance his physical abilities. Wilson's cancer interfered with the genetic changes in unanticipated ways; disfiguring him horribly (he has a really ugly, scarred face and body) and making him mentally unstable. His mental insanity takes the form of hallucinations, dual conversations with himself, and the belief that he is a character in a comic book and he can talk to the reader. This last psychological pathology is referred to by mental health professionals as "Comic Awareness."

Deadpool's codename comes from his time as a test subject at Doctor Killebrew's "Workshop" at The Hospice, where failed Weapon X experimental subjects went for further testing. Inmates would place bets on who would survive the horrible experiments the longest, and due to his enhanced healing factor, Wade Wilson carried the longest odds against dying; hence the name Deadpool.

Since escaping from The Hospice, Deadpool has worked as a mercenary and assassin (usually killing only those who deserve killing), and occassionally working with various heroes in the Marvel Universe. He also often fights with various heroes in the Marvel Universe. His latest adventures have him employed by Nick Fury, fugitive former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury had Deadpool infiltrate a ship belonging to the invading Skrulls in order to steal bio-data on the Skrull race.


Nicknames/Aliases: The Merc With A Mouth, Jack, Wade T. Wilson, Mithras, Johnny Silvini, Thom Cruz, The Crimson Nutcase, Chiyonosake ("the Wolf of the Rice Wine")




General Wilson --Father; deceased

Mrs. Wilson --Mother; deceased

Associates, Colleagues, & Opponents

(Sometime) Friends & (Occasional) Allies


Agency X

Great Lakes Initiative

Weapon X


Landau, Luckman, and Lake


Frightful Four

Heroes For Hire

Six Pack


Squirrel Girl (Deadpool is terrified of her...)




Black Tom Cassidy

Weapon X (Project)



Switchblade Sisters


Typhoid Mary

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